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Start Off On The Right Foot



All of our teachers are Infant/Nursery Supervisors, which means that they are educated and trained in infant/toddler theory and practices. They are all certified in adult/pediatric CPR and Universal Precautions.


Our classrooms typically operate at one teacher to five students.  Teachers implement baby sign language into curriculum. We offer a safe and secure environment that requires a private code to enter the center. 


 Six weeks to eight months old is our Newborn Classroom. Each child is on their own schedule in this room. Children spend a lot of free time on the floor so they can learn to roll over, sit up and crawl on their own. 

Six to 14 months is our Crawling Classroom. Every child is on their own schedule in this room. Children learn to play with others in this classroom. They build with blocks, read books and play with musical instruments. They may spend time outside if the weather is nice.

The Walking Classroom is for 12-18 months old. This classroom is on a schedule for meals and naps to prepare them to move to the Preschool building at 18 months. Children in this classroom go on the playground twice a day and start working with self-art.

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