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Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Friday

High Scope” is the curriculum program we follow. It focus on active learning through play, with nurturing educators that help children explore and get excited about learning. This program focuses on promoting independent and creative thinking, decision making and problem solving.  Each child moves at his/her own pace through each developmentally appropriate class. We are NAEYC-accredited, therefore our staffing-child ratio tends to be lower than Colorado licensing requirements.

  • Miss Jasmine from Musicare comes once a week for music class everyone.

  • Miss Monica comes twice a week to teach Yoga to everyone.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack prepared by our cooks. Most meals are made from scratch using fresh produce from local markers. If your family has a food preference of allergy we can accommodate you.

  • Key-less secure entry as well as cameras installed in every classroom so you can feel safe while your child is at schoo. 

Guppy Room
Guppy Room

​These children are between 16 months - 2 years old.  Many of our babies from the Infant Center transition into this room. This room has a 1:5 ratio, with a maximum of 15 children. The children are introduced to a circle time where they sing songs and read books.

Goldfish Room

These children are 2-3 years old. This classroom has a 1:7 ratio, with a maximum of 7 children.  This is where potty training can begin if the child is ready. More self-art is introduced and encouraged at this age, including the easel.

Anglefish Room

These children are 2-3 years old. This classroom has a 1:7 ratio, with a maximum of 11 children.  Potty training continues in this room. Fine motor skills like play dough, gluing, and puzzles become more of part of the daily activities.

Starfish Room

These children are between 2 ½ - 3 ½ years old. There is a 1:7 ratio, with a maximum of 14 children. This room is referred to as the Toddler/Preschool transition room because the children are going toward 3 years old and this is the last room designated for potty training before moving into the preschool room. Preschool materials are integrated into the lesson planning.  Letters, numbers, and shapes are an important part of the daily lessons.  Easel art is always available. The children are working toward learning self-help skills

Whale Room (Pre-K)

These children are between the ages of 4-5 years old.  This room has a ratio of 1:10, with a maximum of 30 children.  These teachers prepare the older children for kindergarten by providing them with a pre-kindergarten curriculum based on the “High Scope Curriculum”. These children work on journaling, writing, and story dictation. They learn letters and sounds as a preparation for reading and writing. All these skills meet the expectations and standards necessary for a successful kindergarten experience.

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