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Growing Minds Learning Academy 

Play. Learn. Grow. 


Infant One: 6 weeks -Mobile

Infant Two: Mobile - 18 months


Toddler One: 16-24 months old

Toddler Two: 2-3 years old


Ages 2.5-4 years



Ages 3.5-6 years


Our Approach

We provide the highest quality of education and childcare in Boulder and the surrounding area.  We believe that this can be accomplished by fostering creativity in the child through the arts and music and by showing the utmost respect for each child so that he or she can become a unique, caring, independent individual.

What Parents Think

"Growing Minds Learning Academy is the best preschool/camp. I am amazed at how well my two kids are cared for on a daily basis. My son is in the camp for older kids (he is 5) and my daughter is in preschool (she is 4). Alissa, the owner has so many great improvements to Growing Minds in the past year. The staff is helpful and friendly when I pick up/drop off; and my children have bonded very well with their caretakers. Alissa has an app where you can communicate with anyone at the school whenever you want, and they are very quick to respond. The teachers send updates and pictures on the app throughout the day.

Alissa takes the older kids on all kinds of great field trips including water parks, museums, the roller rink, rec centers, movies, playgrounds, family fun centers, and the zoo. My son has some special needs and he struggled during the school year with field trips, but at Growing Minds, he did amazing! He has never been treated so well by a caretaker. I have never gone for such a long stretch without receiving phone calls to pick up my son because of behavioral issues. Alissa and the staff went out of their way to understand his needs and make sure he did well.

I am so thankful that I chose Growing Minds for my children this summer. Thank you to Alissa and all of the staff that have helped care for O+E. We hope to see you next summer and hopefully some days there is no school."

Sarah Rizzolo

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